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Spider Pen Pro with DVD

Quick Overview

The Spider Pen Pro will allow you to levitate objects in seemingly miraculous conditions.
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Yigal Mesika launched the Spider Pen in 2004 and working to develop the initial concept into something even better Spider Pen Pro was released.


With this you can perform truly amazing levitations. Borrow a bill, place it between your hands then slowly move them apart and the bill is now floating. With a gentle touch it flips over and then you walk away leaving it floating in mid-air! Under your control the bill then slowly falls to the floor before the climax, you make it float directly back to your hands.


Perform this surrounded and you can walk up to 35 feet away form the levitating bill.


Comes with an hour long DVD including four effects plus tips from Yigal Mesika.


The pen itself uses a completely silent motor, can be used up to 35 feet away and provides constant perfect tension. It can be used as an ordinary working pen as well. Made in the US it features 3 patents and is a quality prop.


Requires 1 x AAA battery not included.


Additional Information

Skill Level Intermediate, Advanced
Color No
Size No
Shipping Weight 0.22
Dimensions No
Language No
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