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Board Parts

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NMB 608ZZ Precision Bearing - Single

A reliable bearing compatible with all major truck and wheel brands, sold individually.

Mindless 1.5" Longboard Bolts

These bolts are suitable for use with regular and drop through setups.

Bones Speed Cream

This specially formulated lubricant will protect your bearings and make them last longer plus have you going faster.

Enuff Skate Tool

A simple but really useful skate tool from Enuff, works with skateboards, longboards and roller skates.

Venom Street Bushings (HPF)

These bushings are designed to fit any street trucks and come in a range of durometers.

Cadillac 5.0 High Performance Bearings

A quality set of bearings that are perfect for upgrading your setup.

Seismic Tekton 7-Ball Bearings Lite

A quality set of bearings with integrated spacers to give superior alignment and auto correct flaws.

Bones Red Bearings 608mm

A quality pack of bearings, trusted by skaters everywhere for their performance.

Osprey 5" Powder Coated Trucks

A pair of 5 inch trucks suitable for mid-sized decks

Osprey 70mm 80A Longboard Wheels

A set of 4 wheels that will handle rough terrain well.

Osprey 7" Aluminium Longboard Trucks

An affordable set of longboard trucks from Osprey.

Paris V2 180mm Truck

These are a popular truck with longboarders as the are great for all terrain.

Seismic Tekton Abec 7 Bearings

A quality set of bearings that you can trust when going for it downhill.

Cadillac Classic 56mm 78A Wheels

A small set of wheels for a soft cruise setups.

Divine Urethane City Slashers Wheels 64mm - 86A

City Slashers are a great wheel for smaller to mid size cruisers and street boards.

Divine Road Rippers Wheels - 70mm - 78A

Divine Road Rippers are a quality set of wheels, this size is suitable for use on tall cruisers.

Mindless Talisman II Trucks

The re-designed and improved Talisman II trucks are gret for all kinds of riding.

Seismic Tekton Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic bearings are considered by many to be the best available, light, faster and more durable than steel versions.
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