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6 Panel Hacky Sack

A 6 panel hacky sack, ideal for all sorts of tricks.

Bahama Beach Series Kendama

A range of full colour kendama with some coming with rubberized damas.

SFR Triple Pad Set

This triple pad set comes with knee, elbow and wrist protection, ideal for use when roller skating or skateboarding.

Venom Glove Slide Pucks

A pair of slide pucks with industrial grade velcro for attaching to your gloves.

BoomerangFan Helix - Right Handed

This boomerang is suitable for those aged 7 plus and works over shorter ranges of up to 15m.

Cross Kites Air 2.1m Kite

A larger sized of the 'Air' range from Cross Kites this is suitable for older children and adults.

Seismic Tekton 7-Ball Bearings Lite

A quality set of bearings with integrated spacers to give superior alignment and auto correct flaws.

Osprey 70mm 80A Longboard Wheels

A set of 4 wheels that will handle rough terrain well.

BoomerangFan Natural - Right Handed

This classic wooden boomerang has a good stable flight but it's slightly larger size and shape make it a little harder to catch.

Aerobie Skylighter Frisbee

This light up frisbee from Aerobie has a built in led unit so you can keep playing frisbee even when the sun goes down.

Aerobie Superdisc

A quality frisbee that is suitable for everyone.

Riviera Zia Stick Longboard

The Zia Stick from Riviera is a skateboard/ longboard hybrid and aimed at technical, trick orientated free-riding.

32 Panel Hacky Sack

A 32 panel hacky sack that is the roundest and best for kicks from our range.

Gibbon Classic Line - 15m

The classic line from Gibbon is a proven favourite worldwide and is ideal for those getting into slacklining or looking for a nice family line.

REKD Impact Knee Gasket

For those into going fast these knee gaskets provide great protection on impact.

Gull Kite - Single Line

A fun seagull kite.

Barefoot Slacklines 15m Complete Set

This slackline set is ideal for those getting into the sport with everything you need included.

Mini Delta Kite

A fun mini kite suitable for kids and great for putting in your pocket for a day at the beach or park.
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