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Stage Props

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Appearing Cane - Standard

Display a silk then in an instant it changes into a long cane, or from nowhere a cane suddenly appears.

Super Slush Powder

Turn water or other liquids into solids instantly with a spoonful of this powder.

Devil's Hanky

A card is chosen, noted and put back. The deck is then shuffled and put in it's box, this is put inside the 'hanky'. You then reach in and without hesitation pull out the spectators card, dropping the hanky you show it is now empty.

The Great Domino Illusion

A white board with one dot is shown, flipping it over more appear and as you continue to flip more dots appear!

Paul Harris Presents The Examiner by John Graham

A torn and restored newspaper effect that can be examined bfore and after.

Regular Price: £59.95

Special Price £34.95

Fire Wallet

You take your wallet open it up and flames come licking out from it, close it, open it again and it's completely undamaged!

Stay Cool

If you want a bold in your face (on your face), visual trick this is for you, stay cool!

Plate Through Arm

Push a solid plate right through your arm with this prop, ideal for performance and kids show.

Pro Switch Box by Magic Makers

This switch box can be used for a big range of appearing or swithing tricks.

The Joker Tube Pro Model

This trick is easy to perform and offers great visual impact.

Professional Square Circle

A high quality prop an empty and hollow tube and cage are shown before you then pull out any objects you like.

Rubicon by Greg Wilson

An amazing cube magic routine that requires no cube solving ability!
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