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Magician's Cotton Rope - Per Foot

Cotton rope priced per foot, great for all sorts of rope magic.

Mouth Coils - Rainbow - Pack of 10

Pull a long multi-coloured streamer from your mouth.

Appearing Cane - Standard

Display a silk then in an instant it changes into a long cane, or from nowhere a cane suddenly appears.

Super Slush Powder

Turn water or other liquids into solids instantly with a spoonful of this powder.

Vernet Universal Pull

A universal pull for making all kinds of objects vanish from your hands instantly.

ESP Testing Deck

A marked ESP testing deck that is easy to read and will allow you to perform powerful mentalism.

Devil's Hanky

A card is chosen, noted and put back. The deck is then shuffled and put in it's box, this is put inside the 'hanky'. You then reach in and without hesitation pull out the spectators card, dropping the hanky you show it is now empty.

Octopalm Anti Gravity Gel

Octopalm is a utility gel that allows you to stick any lightweight object to your body.

Bicycle ESP Cards - 25 Cards

This pack of 25 ESP cards are printed on Bicycle Rider back stock.

Himber Wallet

The Himber Wallet is used for switching items and can be used for a wide range of tricks.

Magician's Rope - 50ft

This spool of rope is available in a range of colours and ideal for all sorts of rope magic effects.

How to Hack Handcuffs Like Houdini

This book covers everything the magician needs to know regarding handcuffs both past and present.

Svengali Pad - Set of 4 - by Sven Lee

This pack of four svengali pads offers great value and can be used for multiple routines.

Standard Police Style Handcuffs

A quality set of police style handcuffs for escapology.

Akkelian Envelopes

Akkelian envelopes are a great mentalism device that will allow you to predict what the spectator has written down.

Ickle Pickle Cups and Balls

A classic routine, this is the Ickle Pickle aluminium set of cups and balls.

The Great Domino Illusion

A white board with one dot is shown, flipping it over more appear and as you continue to flip more dots appear!

Magic Makers Mastermind Wallet

This wallet will allow you to predict whatever the spectator has written or drawn and sealed inside the wallet.
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