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Black Kevlar Thread - 10ft

A 10ft reel of black kevlar thread for invisible thread tricks.

Floating Match Trick

This is an easy to perform trick that has a really cool effect, a levitating match!

Cigarette Up The Nose

You show a cigarette and the visibly start to push it up your nose and finally show your hands empty.

Invisible Thread - Stripped

A pack of three, 10ft strands of invisible thread.

Loaded Dice - Acrylic

This normal looking set of dice will roll a 7 or an 11 every time.

Super Slush Powder

Turn water or other liquids into solids instantly with a spoonful of this powder.

Spoon Bending Trick

A spoon is held in your fingers and after a moment it starts to bend in on itself to form a U.

Mesika Wax

This box contains over 150 pellets of magicians wax, ideal for us with invisible thread products.

Vernet Universal Pull

A universal pull for making all kinds of objects vanish from your hands instantly.

Mesika Loops

Mesika Loops are a really powerful tool letting you perform amazing magic.

Himber Wallet

The Himber Wallet is used for switching items and can be used for a wide range of tricks.

Magic Makers Magic Pen Trick

Magically have a pen penetrate any bank note and then remove it without leaving a hole.

RD Regular Cube by Henry Harrius

This cube designed by the creators of Rubik's Dream and made especially for magicians.

Magnetic PK Ring - Gold

This is a good quality magnetic PK ring in gold, suitable for a wide range of tricks.

Cats Paw by Ellusionist

A cats paw emerges from your hand to steal a borrowed coin.

Mesika Spider Thread - 2 Reels

Two reels of super-fine invisible thread for use with Tarantula or the Spider Pen Pro.

Invisible Elastic Thread - 1000ft - by Supreme Magic World

This invisible elastic thread offers great value for money as it comes in a huge 1000ft reel.

Joe Rindfleisch's Legend Rubber Bands

This pack of vibrant, colourful bands have better stretch and feel compared with standard rubber bands.
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