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Coin Magic

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Chinese Coin

These custom made coins are ideal for just about any coin routine.

Modern Coin Magic by Bobo

A complete manual for coin manipulation, a great book.

Grifters Coin

Grifters are specially made coins taking their influence from 'Buffalo Nickels' of the early 1900s and are the same size as an American half dollar.

Sing Sing Ring Box

A neat ring box that allows the magician to transport an audience members ring inside.

Close Up Mat - Standard Size - Aces

These close up mats are a good affordable option suitable for card and coin routines.

Octopalm Anti Gravity Gel

Octopalm is a utility gel that allows you to stick any lightweight object to your body.

Magnetic PK Ring - Gold

This is a good quality magnetic PK ring in gold, suitable for a wide range of tricks.

Modern Coin Magic DVD Set

This four DVD set is packed with over 170 sleights and tricks using coins.

Wolf - Coin Magic DVD

A DVD of more advanced coin magic to progress on from Metal 1.

Changeling DVD and Gimmick

Changeling is a customizable note switch where size, colour or even currency does not matter.

The Vanishing Coin - Ultimate Coin Magic Kit

This set contains all you need to get started learning amazing coin magic tricks.

Imprint DVD and Gimmick by Jason Yu and SansMinds

Take any small object and toss it into a note that can immediately be handed out.

Raven by Chuck Leach

Raven is a really visual coin vanish but can also be used for coin transformations.

Ellusionist Metal 2 DVD

The second installment from Eric Jones covering more advanced coin routines building on the basics learnt in Metal 1.

Ellusionist Metal DVD

An essential DVD for anyone looking to learn some really cool coin magic.

Senses DVD and Gimmick by Christopher Wiehl

Learn lots of different tricks using a souffle cup and with the methodology the limits are endless.

Sucker Punch - Gimmick and Download

Sucker Punch is a set of gaff poker chips that use a lot of the same gaffs as coins to allow a massive range of tricks to be performed.

Imagination Coins - UK Version

Imagination Coins puts the magic in the spectators hands, a really powerful coin routine.
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