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6 Inch Silk

6 Inch silks for all sorts of magical uses.

101 Tricks with a Thumb Tip Booklet

This booklet will teach you everything from the basics to more creative thumb tip magic tricks.

Thumb Tip

Classic thumb tips available in a range of sizes. Ideal for the classic disappearing silk routine.

Cups and Balls Booklet

A great book that teaches a classic routine nearly everyone will have seen at some point.

Ghost Light Thumb Tips - Junior Single

Pluck a red light from the air and then toss it across to your other hand, an easy to do magic trick, great for all ages.

1.5 Inch Sponge Balls - Set of 4

A set of 4 sponge balls with a diameter of 2 inches.

Floating Match Trick

This is an easy to perform trick that has a really cool effect, a levitating match!

Chinese Coin

These custom made coins are ideal for just about any coin routine.

2 Inch Sponge Balls - Set of 4

A set of 4 sponge balls with a diameter of 2 inches.

Cigarette Up The Nose

You show a cigarette and the visibly start to push it up your nose and finally show your hands empty.

Invisible Thread - Stripped

A pack of three, 10ft strands of invisible thread.

Loaded Dice - Acrylic

This normal looking set of dice will roll a 7 or an 11 every time.

4.7 Inch Linking Rings

A nice and affordable set of linking rings for any aspiring magician.

Ghost Light Thumb Tips - Adult Pair

Pluck a red light from the air and then toss it across to your other hand, a great trick that is lots of fun.

Spoon Bending Trick

A spoon is held in your fingers and after a moment it starts to bend in on itself to form a U.

Mesika Wax

This box contains over 150 pellets of magicians wax, ideal for us with invisible thread products.

Grifters Coin

Grifters are specially made coins taking their influence from 'Buffalo Nickels' of the early 1900s and are the same size as an American half dollar.

Sing Sing Ring Box

A neat ring box that allows the magician to transport an audience members ring inside.

Close Up Mat - Standard Size - Aces

These close up mats are a good affordable option suitable for card and coin routines.

Vernet Universal Pull

A universal pull for making all kinds of objects vanish from your hands instantly.

Mesika Loops

Mesika Loops are a really powerful tool letting you perform amazing magic.

Octopalm Anti Gravity Gel

Octopalm is a utility gel that allows you to stick any lightweight object to your body.

Vernet Flaming Thumb Tip

Reach out and pluck a flame from a candle or lighter with this Vernet thumb tip.

Modern Coin Magic by Bobo

A complete manual for coin manipulation, a great book.

Magic Makers Magic Pen Trick

Magically have a pen penetrate any bank note and then remove it without leaving a hole.

RD Regular Cube by Henry Harrius

This cube designed by the creators of Rubik's Dream and made especially for magicians.

Vernet Magnetic Thumb Tip

Perform all kinds of tricks with paper clips, coins, spoons with this magnetic thumb tip.

Magnetic PK Ring - Gold

This is a good quality magnetic PK ring in gold, suitable for a wide range of tricks.

Cats Paw by Ellusionist

A cats paw emerges from your hand to steal a borrowed coin.

Dynamic Coins - 10p

A whole stack of coins disappears, passes through metal and reappears with this easy to perform trick.

Mesika Spider Thread - 2 Reels

Two reels of super-fine invisible thread for use with Tarantula or the Spider Pen Pro.

Invisible Elastic Thread - 1000ft - by Supreme Magic World

This invisible elastic thread offers great value for money as it comes in a huge 1000ft reel.

Joe Rindfleisch's Legend Rubber Bands

This pack of vibrant, colourful bands have better stretch and feel compared with standard rubber bands.

Magnetic Half Dollar

This half dollar has a rare earth magnet embedded in its core.

Rhine's Dice by Matthew Mello

This effect includes two great dice prediction tricks and a set of dice to perform with.

Modern Coin Magic DVD Set

This four DVD set is packed with over 170 sleights and tricks using coins.

Wolf - Coin Magic DVD

A DVD of more advanced coin magic to progress on from Metal 1.

Mesika Thread Reel - 100ft

This reel of Mesika elastic is great for making yor own loops and is virtually invisible.

Matchbox Penetration by Mr Magic

A needle with ribbon on it is taken and passed through a matchbox. Easy enough until you open the matchbox to show a solid brass block inside making the pentration seem impossible.

Darkslide by Chris Ramsay

A spectators card is visually reversed in front of their eyes.

Lock Stock and Riot

A range of impressive tricks performed and taught by Peter Mckinnon.

Jump Ink DVD

Make an 'X' written with a sharpie jump along a pack of gum, a great trick!

Ultimate Street Magic Combo by Magic Makers

This three trick training set taught by Kris Nevling includes some great street magic effects.

Ickle Pickle Cups and Balls

A classic routine, this is the Ickle Pickle aluminium set of cups and balls.

Aberdeen Thread by James Dickson

Aberdeen thread is a new take on an old trick and will allow you to tear a thread into several pieces and instantly restore it.

Box Monster

Make a spectators cards move out of the deck without even touching it.

Healed and Sealed by Anders Moden

An empty can magically re-fills and re-seals itself.

Changeling DVD and Gimmick

Changeling is a customizable note switch where size, colour or even currency does not matter.

Pen or Pencil by Mickael Chatelain

Turn a bic pen into a pencil right in front of your audience, as used by Dynamo.

Circuit by Zach Heath

Learn how to make a ring visibly jump from finger to finger with no gimmicks.

Impossible Screw

You show a two headed bolt, clearly the bolts are different widths but with one nut you manage to thread on it on either end.

Out of Thin Air by Magic Makers

A silk is pulled from thin air, it then changes colour twice before disappearing.

Thumbtipedia - DVD and Gimmick - by Vernet

Vernet have been making top quality thumb tips for more than forty years and this dvd will help you make the most of it.

The Vanishing Coin - Ultimate Coin Magic Kit

This set contains all you need to get started learning amazing coin magic tricks.

Imprint DVD and Gimmick by Jason Yu and SansMinds

Take any small object and toss it into a note that can immediately be handed out.

Flipper Coin - Half Dollar

A half dollar flipper coin, suitable for coins through the table and 3 fly etc.

Ellusionist Invisible DVD

A DVD packed with six amazing routines including making borrowed objects levitate.

Ellusionist Metal DVD

An essential DVD for anyone looking to learn some really cool coin magic.

Raven by Chuck Leach

Raven is a really visual coin vanish but can also be used for coin transformations.

Solved by Adam Wilber

Solved is an instant cube restore that requires minimal sleight of hand and is great for close up performance.

Nine of Diamonds Book

This book from Edinburgh based group Nine of Diamonds features some great intermediate to advanced close up material.

Ellusionist Metal 2 DVD

The second installment from Eric Jones covering more advanced coin routines building on the basics learnt in Metal 1.

Diabolical Envelope

This prediction based trick has several layers that add up to a great effect.

The Traveler by Jeff Copeland

A stylish coin wallet that is made from cured goat leather and also holds a secret to allow some cool coin magic.

Appear-8 by Steve Rowe

Pull an 8 ball out of a deck of cards with Appear-8 from Steve Rowe.

Senses DVD and Gimmick by Christopher Wiehl

Learn lots of different tricks using a souffle cup and with the methodology the limits are endless.

Odyssey by Calen Morelli

A ring visibly jumps from finger to finger or hand to hand, an incredibly impressive trick.

Cube 3 by Steven Brundage

If you want to be able to perform amazing cube tricks then get yourself Cube 3 and Steven Brundage will teach you.

LIT by Dan Hauss and Dan White

LIT has been sold out for 8 years but is now available again, this is a great close up effect.

Gripper Coin - Single 10p - by Rocco Silano

The Gripper Coin is an adapted coin that makes learning coin magic moves far easier.

Overstuft by Bizzaro

Take an oreo and before the spectators eyes have it re-fill with cream.

Defiance by Mariano Goni

Defiance is the latest creation from Mariano Goni, it will allow you to animate small objects in new and impossible ways.


A key that can be fully inspected is made to penetrate through a bank note, playing card or even the spectators sleeve!

Bandwidth by Greg Wilson

This impromptu ring routine will blow the minds of your audience.

Imagination Coins - UK Version

Imagination Coins puts the magic in the spectators hands, a really powerful coin routine.

Sucker Punch - Gimmick and Download

Sucker Punch is a set of gaff poker chips that use a lot of the same gaffs as coins to allow a massive range of tricks to be performed.

Break by Uday Jadugar

Break is an awesome effect that allows you to bend and break a coin in front of spectators.

Strongman by Jimmy Strange

This new visual metal bend is easy to perform and involves no switches, the magic happens right in front of the spectator.

Triad Coins - UK Version

This is the UK, 10p, version of Triad Coins. Show three coins and one by one make them all disappear.

Cut 2.0 by Ran Pink

This effect will allow you to seem superhuman, take a borrowed knife, cut a gash that is deep and believable and then hold your hand out as the wound completely heals itself.

Double Cross by Mark Southworth

An 'x' is drawn on your hand only to vanish and reappear on the spectators hand.

Blackbird by Jeff Copeland

Blackbird is an incredibly useful and effective gimmick that will help you produce coins at your fingertips with ease.

Gecko Pro System by Jim Rosenbaum

The Gecko Pro System will allow you vanish small objects instantly and easily.

Tarantula II by Yigal Mesika

Tarantula II is the new and improved version of one of the most amazing gimmicks ever produced.

The Gift Black by Angelo Carbone

The Gift is an ingenious gimmick that will allow you to predict the spectators chosen card.

Smoke 2.0 by Alan Rorrison

Smoke 2.0 has been five years in the making and allows you to produce a large cloud of smoke from your mouth.

Spider Pen Pro with DVD

The Spider Pen Pro will allow you to levitate objects in seemingly miraculous conditions.

Absolute Zero by Sans Minds

Absolute Zero is a device that will give you almost superhero powers, freeze object at will!

Gripper Coin - Set of Four US 50C - by Rocco Silano

The Gripper Coin is an adapted coin that makes learning coin magic moves far easier.

OX Bender by Menny Lindenfield

OX Bender is the world's first single handed coin bending device.

Gripper Coin - Set of Four 10p - by Rocco Silano

The Gripper Coin is an adapted coin that makes learning coin magic moves far easier.

Tango Ultimate Coin - TUC - 2 Pound

This 2 pound version of the Tango Ultimate Coin can be used for a huge range of effects.

Vanishing Ring - Gimmick and Online Instruction

This devious gimmick can make a spectators ring vanish without you even having to touch the ring or the box!

Alchemist Screwdriver by Sans Minds

Bend a metal screwdriver with only using the power of your mind!

Bliss by Noel Qualter

A spectator signs a note which then vanishes to appear inside the sharpie used to sign the note!

AppeaRing by Bocopo and Silver Wing

AppeaRing allows you to appear a ring in an empty ring bo before your spectators eyes.

Rubik's Dream by Henry Harrius

A set including cube shell and accompanying tricks by FISM winner Henry Harrius.

Dream Act by Shin Lim

This is the full routine from Shin Lim as seen on Penn and Teller and the one that had him crowned FISM World Champion of Close Up Card Magic in 2015.

Bullet Catch V by Mikhail Schmidt

A close up, dramatic and amazing bullet catch trick that will add some real edge to your routine.

Rubicon by Greg Wilson

An amazing cube magic routine that requires no cube solving ability!
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