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Bicycle Invisible Deck


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Quick Overview

The Invisible card deck is one of the best loved trick decks available. Easy to use and always impressive!

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The invisible deck is a trick deck that has been altered for it to be used in a different way.


With the invisible deck 'two' decks are taken from the magicians pocket. One is a real deck which is kept aside and the other 'invisible' deck is handed to the audience member. The are told to take them out and pick a card at random. The card is then named out loud and the magician takes the real deck and spreads it out revealing the chosen card as the only one face down.


A easy to perform trick that is really impressive! A firm favourite here at Cascade.


This deck is made from a bicycle card deck and available in four different colour options.

Additional Information

Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate
Size No
Dimensions No
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