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Gaff Decks

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101 Tricks With a Svengali Deck

Learn how to get the most out of your svengali deck with this useful and easy to follow booklet.

101 Tricks With a Stripper Deck

A great book to help you make the most of your stripper deck, learn all sorts of amazing tricks.

Mini Biycle Playing Cards

These mini decks are the same as standard rider back decks but just half the size!

Blank Face Bicycle Cards

Blank face Bicycle cards available in either red or blue and suitable for a range of uses.

Bicycle Stripper Deck

A simple yet effective deck that allows you to make the spectators card rise out of the middle of the pack.

Super Fanning Deck

These fanning decks are specially made for card manipulation and fanning.

Bicycle Invisible Deck

The Invisible card deck is one of the best loved trick decks available. Easy to use and always impressive!

Bicycle Svengali Deck

One of the classic decks, lots of tricks are possible with this simple to use adapted deck.

Bicycle One Way Forcing Deck

These forcing decks feature 56 cards of the same value, made with Bicycle decks and available in Red or Blue.

Bicycle Special Assortment Deck

This deck contains an assortment of Bicycle gaff cards for a wide range of effects.

Magic Cartoon Deck

This is the standard version of the magic cartoon deck, printed on poker sized cards it's fun and easy to perform.

Madison Dealer Playing Cards

A border-less deck in the casino style, these come marked with Daniel Madison's own system.

Ellusionist Red Keeper Deck

The Keeper deck was designed to be the best feeling set of cards straight out of the box for magicians.

ESP Testing Deck

A marked ESP testing deck that is easy to read and will allow you to perform powerful mentalism.

Bicycle Haunted Deck

A spectator picks one, two or three cards which are placed back in the deck. They then mysteryiously move themselves out of the pack.

Ellusionist Vintage 1800 Marked Deck

A vintage look deck with subtle markings for all kinds of trickery.

Surefire Foce Card by Magic Makers

A Bicycle stock gaff card that will allow you to force the Jack of Clubs on your spectator.

Banshee Throwing Cards

Banshee's are cards designed specifically for throwing, they are more durable and whistle when thrown.

Bicycle Mental Photography Deck

With this deck you turn a completely blank deck into a fully printed one.

Magic Cartoon Deck - Bicycle Version

This is the original cartoon deck printed on Bicycle cards, an easy to do trick that is fun to perform.

Bicycle Flash Restoration Deck

With this deck a card cut into 4 pieces is magically restored with the tap of the box.

Bicycle Gaff Rider Back (Red) by Bocopo

A rider back gaff deck that will allow you to perform a whole range of different effects.

DMC Elites - Marked Deck

The DMC Elites are the latest in the from DMC Magic and are a great marked deck that also looks amazing.

Boris Wild Marked Bicycle Deck

A world renowned, quality bicycle marked deck.

Banshee Advanced Throwing Cards

These are latest evolution of throwing cards and are more consistent, easier to throw and noisier than before.

Roughing Stick by Harry Robson

With this roughing stick you can make 150 invisible decks, so enough to keep you going for a while!

Roughing Balm by Neo Inceptions

Roughing Balm is a great tool for those looking to make their own invisible decks or create adapted decks.

Packet Killer - Gaff Deck

Packet Killer includes over 40 tricks that can be performed with the included Ultimate Gaff Deck.

Incredible Bicycle Shrinking Deck

A fun effect where a chosen card from a regular deck becomes miniature and then returns to normal size.

Ultimate Marked Deck - Bicycle

This is the classic Rider Back 808 Bicycle deck but with easy to read markings so you can identify any card without seeing it's face.

Butterfly Marked Playing Cards

This deck of cards has a unique marking system that opens up a whole range of new tricks.

Gone Deck by Shin Lim

Gone Deck is a stunning card trick from Shin Lim. It is an effect that can be used for either an appearing or disappearing deck.

Magic Makers The Ultimate Gaff Deck Kit

This is a complete deck of gaff bicycle cards along with an instructional DVD teaching you how to make the most of it.

Arthur by Christoper Wiehl

Arthur is a well known legend that was able to pull the sword from the stone, this is a magic take on the story, a single card is held and the rest of the deck levitates!

Tool by David Stone - DVD and Gimmick

Tool is a gimmick that will allow you to perform 11 different routines plus more tricks.

I'mpossible by Miraculous Magic

This deck will allow you to find any card in the pack easily and add a level of impossibility to your routine.

Cold Case by Greg Wilson

This deck switch from Greg Wilson uses a clever gimmick and is great for a range of routines.

The Gaff System - Deck and DVD

This a deck absolutely packed with effects all explained in a two part DVD so you can get the most out of it.

52 Shades of Red by Shin Lim - Including Gimmick

This is the routine Shin Lim used on Fool Us to fool Penn and Teller for a second time.
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