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Gaff Decks

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Bicycle Gaff Rider Back (Red) by Bocopo

A rider back gaff deck that will allow you to perform a whole range of different effects.

Gone Deck by Shin Lim

Gone Deck is a stunning card trick from Shin Lim. It is an effect that can be used for either an appearing or disappearing deck.

I'mpossible by Miraculous Magic

This deck will allow you to find any card in the pack easily and add a level of impossibility to your routine.

Bicycle Haunted Deck

A spectator picks one, two or three cards which are placed back in the deck. They then mysteryiously move themselves out of the pack.

Tool by David Stone - DVD and Gimmick

Tool is a gimmick that will allow you to perform 11 different routines plus more tricks.

101 Tricks With a Stripper Deck

A great book to help you make the most of your stripper deck, learn all sorts of amazing tricks.

Magic Makers The Ultimate Gaff Deck Kit

This is a complete deck of gaff bicycle cards along with an instructional DVD teaching you how to make the most of it.

Ellusionist Vintage 1800 Marked Deck

A vintage look deck with subtle markings for all kinds of trickery.

Ultimate Marked Deck - Bicycle

This is the classic Rider Back 808 Bicycle deck but with easy to read markings so you can identify any card without seeing it's face.

Incredible Bicycle Shrinking Deck

A fun effect where a chosen card from a regular deck becomes miniature and then returns to normal size.

Banshee Throwing Cards

Banshee's are cards designed specifically for throwing, they are more durable and whistle when thrown.

Cold Case by Greg Wilson

This deck switch from Greg Wilson uses a clever gimmick and is great for a range of routines.

Madison Dealer Playing Cards

A border-less deck in the casino style, these come marked with Daniel Madison's own system.

Banshee Advanced Throwing Cards

These are latest evolution of throwing cards and are more consistent, easier to throw and noisier than before.

Boris Wild Marked Bicycle Deck

A world renowned, quality bicycle marked deck.

Roughing Stick by Harry Robson

With this roughing stick you can make 150 invisible decks, so enough to keep you going for a while!

Magic Cartoon Deck - Bicycle Version

This is the original cartoon deck printed on Bicycle cards, an easy to do trick that is fun to perform.

Blank Face Bicycle Cards

Blank face Bicycle cards available in either red or blue and suitable for a range of uses.
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