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Card Tricks

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Three Card Monte - Blank

A very easy trick to perform, all the spectator has to do is follow the red card but when they point to it it has turned blank.

Bicycle One Way Forcing Deck

These forcing decks feature 56 cards of the same value, made with Bicycle decks and available in Red or Blue.

Magic Cartoon Deck

This is the standard version of the magic cartoon deck, printed on poker sized cards it's fun and easy to perform.

Ghost Ink by Red Dragon

This is a nice effect from Red Dragon tha is easy to perform.

Bicycle Flash Restoration Deck

With this deck a card cut into 4 pieces is magically restored with the tap of the box.

Chroma by Lloyd Barnes and Nicholas Lawrence

Chroma is a gaff that will let you print a car at your finger tips.

French Kiss by Wayne Houchin

A spectator selects and signs a card then places it in between their lips, you do the same and magically the cards switch place.

Ultimate Street Magic Combo by Magic Makers

This three trick training set taught by Kris Nevling includes some great street magic effects.

Box Monster

Make a spectators cards move out of the deck without even touching it.

Packet Killer - Gaff Deck

Packet Killer includes over 40 tricks that can be performed with the included Ultimate Gaff Deck.

Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin

A single card is torn into four pieces and then each piece is 'fused' to the next in a spectacular restoration.

The Code by Andy Nyman

This DVD will teach you to name and locate a selected card instantly.

Revolution by Greg Wilson

Ever wanted to spin a deck of cards on your fingertip? Now you can with Revolution by Greg Wilson.

Gone Deck by Shin Lim

Gone Deck is a stunning card trick from Shin Lim. It is an effect that can be used for either an appearing or disappearing deck.

Chaos by Mathieu Bich

A deck is shown in random order and then miraculously sorts into perfect new deck order.

Magic Makers The Ultimate Gaff Deck Kit

This is a complete deck of gaff bicycle cards along with an instructional DVD teaching you how to make the most of it.

Diabolical Envelope

This prediction based trick has several layers that add up to a great effect.

Sub Rosa by Jason England

This card control has been a closely guarded secret for over a century. Now taught in depth by Jason England so you can control a single or multiple cards in a shuffled deck.
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