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Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer

A collection of mainly self working magic that is largely interactive and fun to perform.

Defiance by Mariano Goni

Defiance is the latest creation from Mariano Goni, it will allow you to animate small objects in new and impossible ways.

101 Tricks With a Svengali Deck

Learn how to get the most out of your svengali deck with this useful and easy to follow booklet.

Modern Coin Magic DVD Set

This four DVD set is packed with over 170 sleights and tricks using coins.

Entertaining ESP Booklet

A powerful collection of psychic effects that can be performed with an ESP deck.

Simplimental by Mark Elsdon

Mark Elsdon is presented by MArk Elsdon and features eight powerful mentalsim routines.

Pick a Card, Any Card - Forcing Book

Forcing cards is one of the most useful techniques a magician can use and this booklet teaches several methods for doing just this.

125 Trick with Cards Booklet

A greater starter book packed with easy tricks to learn with a regular deck of cards.

Loops Volume 1 and 2 DVD Set

This two DVD set brings together Finn Jon and Yigal Mesika to share the best secrets and uses for Loops.

The Gaff System - Deck and DVD

This a deck absolutely packed with effects all explained in a two part DVD so you can get the most out of it.

Ellusionist Metal 2 DVD

The second installment from Eric Jones covering more advanced coin routines building on the basics learnt in Metal 1.

Thumbtipedia - DVD and Gimmick - by Vernet

Vernet have been making top quality thumb tips for more than forty years and this dvd will help you make the most of it.

Now You See It Notebook by Bill Tarr

A book that contains some solid magic routines from Bill Tarr .

101 Tricks with a Thumb Tip Booklet

This booklet will teach you everything from the basics to more creative thumb tip magic tricks.

50 Amazing Illusions Booklet

This booklet contains some easy to learn, amazing feats of magic for beginners.

Changeling DVD and Gimmick

Changeling is a customizable note switch where size, colour or even currency does not matter.

Bamboozlers Vol 1 by Diamond Jim Tyler

A nice little book packed with amazing and funny effects using household items.

Juan Tamariz Magic From My Heart

This five DVD set from one of the greatest magicians Juan Tamariz is packed with excellent material.
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