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Card Tricks

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Three Card Monte - Blank

A very easy trick to perform, all the spectator has to do is follow the red card but when they point to it it has turned blank.

Floating Match Trick

This is an easy to perform trick that has a really cool effect, a levitating match!

Bicycle Stripper Deck

A simple yet effective deck that allows you to make the spectators card rise out of the middle of the pack.

Bicycle Svengali Deck

One of the classic decks, lots of tricks are possible with this simple to use adapted deck.

Bicycle Invisible Deck

The Invisible card deck is one of the best loved trick decks available. Easy to use and always impressive!

Magic Cartoon Deck

This is the standard version of the magic cartoon deck, printed on poker sized cards it's fun and easy to perform.

Bicycle Haunted Deck

A spectator picks one, two or three cards which are placed back in the deck. They then mysteryiously move themselves out of the pack.

Surefire Foce Card by Magic Makers

A Bicycle stock gaff card that will allow you to force the Jack of Clubs on your spectator.

Marvin's Mind Blowing Magic - 25 Card Tricks

This kit contains a selection of 25 incredible card tricks.

Ghost Ink by Red Dragon

This is a nice effect from Red Dragon tha is easy to perform.

Magic Cartoon Deck - Bicycle Version

This is the original cartoon deck printed on Bicycle cards, an easy to do trick that is fun to perform.

Bicycle Flash Restoration Deck

With this deck a card cut into 4 pieces is magically restored with the tap of the box.

Incredible Bicycle Shrinking Deck

A fun effect where a chosen card from a regular deck becomes miniature and then returns to normal size.

The Code by Andy Nyman

This DVD will teach you to name and locate a selected card instantly.

Royal Road to Card Magic DVD Set

The Royal Road is widely considered one of the best tools for new card magicians. This four DVD set covers everything from basic handling through to tricks and routines.

Chaos by Mathieu Bich

A deck is shown in random order and then miraculously sorts into perfect new deck order.

Imagination Box by Olivier Pont

Turn drawings into the physical objects with Imagintaion Box!

Triage by Danny Weiser and Shin Lim

This is a high impact torn and restored effect that is a great visual trick.
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