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Bar Magic

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Cigarette Up The Nose

You show a cigarette and the visibly start to push it up your nose and finally show your hands empty.

Loaded Dice - Acrylic

This normal looking set of dice will roll a 7 or an 11 every time.

Mesika Loops

Mesika Loops are a really powerful tool letting you perform amazing magic.

The Magic of Pub Tricks from Marvin's Magic

Learn 20 fun pub tricks to help you earn some free drinks.

Super Cigarette Trick

A packet of cigarettes is shown with only one in it, this is taken out and is somehow much bigger than the pack. The pack is closed and re-opened and suddenly it is full!

Bamboozlers Vol 2 By Diamond Jim Tyler

This book follows on from volume 1 with lots more bets, tricks and humorous tricks.

Bamboozlers Vol 1 by Diamond Jim Tyler

A nice little book packed with amazing and funny effects using household items.

Betcha! by Simon Lovell

A book that will help you to get free drinks in bars and restaurants through genius bets.

Changeling DVD and Gimmick

Changeling is a customizable note switch where size, colour or even currency does not matter.

Impossible Screw

You show a two headed bolt, clearly the bolts are different widths but with one nut you manage to thread on it on either end.

Blistering by James Anthony

A spectator picks a card, you then hold your thumb and fore finger above a lighter and the chosen number and suit appear as blisters on the tips of your fingers.

Magic Makers Mastermind Wallet

This wallet will allow you to predict whatever the spectator has written or drawn and sealed inside the wallet.
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