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50 Amazing Illusions Booklet

This booklet contains some easy to learn, amazing feats of magic for beginners.

Instant Appearing Wand

A 50cm wand is made to appear from thin air, can be used to appear from a pocket, hat, shoe, anywhere you can think of.

Three Card Monte - Blank

A very easy trick to perform, all the spectator has to do is follow the red card but when they point to it it has turned blank.

Thumb Tip

Classic thumb tips available in a range of sizes. Ideal for the classic disappearing silk routine.

Ghost Light Thumb Tips - Junior Single

Pluck a red light from the air and then toss it across to your other hand, an easy to do magic trick, great for all ages.

Break Away Wand

You display a wand that is straight and normal but when you give it to a spectator it breaks apart in their hands.

Floating Match Trick

This is an easy to perform trick that has a really cool effect, a levitating match!

Ghost Cigarette Trick

Take a cigarette, put it into the magic tube and out comes a tiny version, really easy to perform and gets a good reaction!

Cigarette Up The Nose

You show a cigarette and the visibly start to push it up your nose and finally show your hands empty.

Mouth Coils - Rainbow - Pack of 10

Pull a long multi-coloured streamer from your mouth.

Appearing Cane - Standard

Display a silk then in an instant it changes into a long cane, or from nowhere a cane suddenly appears.

Magic Colouring Book by Magic Makers

A really easy trick to perform a book is flipped and all the pages are blank then again and there are outline pictures, once more and all the pictures are in full colour.

Loaded Dice - Acrylic

This normal looking set of dice will roll a 7 or an 11 every time.

Bicycle Invisible Deck

The Invisible card deck is one of the best loved trick decks available. Easy to use and always impressive!

Bicycle Stripper Deck

A simple yet effective deck that allows you to make the spectators card rise out of the middle of the pack.

Steel Ball and Tube Trick

A steel ball that does not fit through a tube is made to move up and down inside the tube at the magicians will.

Magic Makers Magic Compass

This easy to learn and perform trick is ideal for younger magicians.

Bicycle Svengali Deck

One of the classic decks, lots of tricks are possible with this simple to use adapted deck.

Ghost Light Thumb Tips - Adult Pair

Pluck a red light from the air and then toss it across to your other hand, a great trick that is lots of fun.

Marvin's Amazing Magic Tricks - 1

This set is ideal for young budding magicians. Contains 25 amazing tricks.

Marvin's Amazing Magic Tricks - 3

This set is ideal for young budding magicians. Contains 25 amazing tricks.

Marvin's Amazing Magic Tricks - 2

This set is ideal for young budding magicians. Contains 25 amazing tricks.

Impossible Dice

A dice with a hole in it is secured inside a tube with a rod. At your command the dice falls from the tube in aseemingly impossible trick.

Spoon Bending Trick

A spoon is held in your fingers and after a moment it starts to bend in on itself to form a U.

Magic Cartoon Deck

This is the standard version of the magic cartoon deck, printed on poker sized cards it's fun and easy to perform.

Dice Bomb

A white plastic dice is shown inside a container, with a quick shake it explodes into eight miniature dice.

Devil's Hanky

A card is chosen, noted and put back. The deck is then shuffled and put in it's box, this is put inside the 'hanky'. You then reach in and without hesitation pull out the spectators card, dropping the hanky you show it is now empty.

Magic Wallet

A simple magic wallet that anyone can use to make two objects switch places.

Bicycle Haunted Deck

A spectator picks one, two or three cards which are placed back in the deck. They then mysteryiously move themselves out of the pack.

Gora Levistick

These quality levi sticks (also known as floating wands) can be manipulated to make them look like they're floating. Easy to pick up and hard to put down!

Cubio - Wood

A wooden cube on a string is controlled by you, making it stop at will, easy to perform.

Surefire Foce Card by Magic Makers

A Bicycle stock gaff card that will allow you to force the Jack of Clubs on your spectator.

Magic Makers Magic Pen Trick

Magically have a pen penetrate any bank note and then remove it without leaving a hole.

Vernet Magnetic Thumb Tip

Perform all kinds of tricks with paper clips, coins, spoons with this magnetic thumb tip.

Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer

A collection of mainly self working magic that is largely interactive and fun to perform.

Marvin's Mind Blowing Magic - 25 Mind Reading Tricks

A selection of cool mind reading tricks that are sure to impress.

Marvin's Mind Blowing Magic - 25 Card Tricks

This kit contains a selection of 25 incredible card tricks.

Origami Paper Magic by Marvin's Magic

This selection of 20 origami sculptures includes detailed instructions.

The Magic of Pub Tricks from Marvin's Magic

Learn 20 fun pub tricks to help you earn some free drinks.

Marvin's Mind Blowing Magic - 25 Amazing Tricks and Stunts

This kit contains a selection of tricks and stunts designed for maximum impact.

Sponge Ball and Thumb Tip Magic Set

This set contains everything you need to learn some impressive sponge ball and thumb tip magic tricks.

Magic Makers Tricks with Everyday Objects

This DVD covers lots of different tricks involoving items you are likely to have lying around the home.

Ghost Ink by Red Dragon

This is a nice effect from Red Dragon tha is easy to perform.

Amazing Card Magic Set

This kit is great for those looking to get into card magic, go from complete beginner to amazing magician.

Brass Ball and Tube by Magic Makers

This is a nice brass version of the classic ball and tube trick.

Marvin's Magic Box of Tricks

This set includes 125 simple to perform magic tricks, great for young magicians.

Dynamic Coins - 10p

A whole stack of coins disappears, passes through metal and reappears with this easy to perform trick.

Bicycle Flash Restoration Deck

With this deck a card cut into 4 pieces is magically restored with the tap of the box.

Magic Cartoon Deck - Bicycle Version

This is the original cartoon deck printed on Bicycle cards, an easy to do trick that is fun to perform.

Super Cigarette Trick

A packet of cigarettes is shown with only one in it, this is taken out and is somehow much bigger than the pack. The pack is closed and re-opened and suddenly it is full!

Gora Glow Levi Stick

These quality levi sticks from Gora are covered in luminous tape so they charge in the light and glow in the dark.

Bamboozlers Vol 2 By Diamond Jim Tyler

This book follows on from volume 1 with lots more bets, tricks and humorous tricks.

Bamboozlers Vol 1 by Diamond Jim Tyler

A nice little book packed with amazing and funny effects using household items.

Quirkology Mind Games

This set of interactive illusions and scientific stunts will have you messing with people's minds.

Betcha! by Simon Lovell

A book that will help you to get free drinks in bars and restaurants through genius bets.

Matchbox Penetration by Mr Magic

A needle with ribbon on it is taken and passed through a matchbox. Easy enough until you open the matchbox to show a solid brass block inside making the pentration seem impossible.

Coin, Linking Ring and Sponge Ball Magic Set

This set includes a variety of magic props, ideal for magic enthusiasts.

Ultimate Street Magic Combo by Magic Makers

This three trick training set taught by Kris Nevling includes some great street magic effects.

Incredible Bicycle Shrinking Deck

A fun effect where a chosen card from a regular deck becomes miniature and then returns to normal size.

Changeling DVD and Gimmick

Changeling is a customizable note switch where size, colour or even currency does not matter.

The Code by Andy Nyman

This DVD will teach you to name and locate a selected card instantly.

Out of Thin Air by Magic Makers

A silk is pulled from thin air, it then changes colour twice before disappearing.

Impossible Screw

You show a two headed bolt, clearly the bolts are different widths but with one nut you manage to thread on it on either end.

How to Do Street Magic DVD

An entry level DVD that will teach you some amazing tricks and get you on the road to becoming a pro street magician.

Royal Road to Card Magic DVD Set

The Royal Road is widely considered one of the best tools for new card magicians. This four DVD set covers everything from basic handling through to tricks and routines.

Blistering by James Anthony

A spectator picks a card, you then hold your thumb and fore finger above a lighter and the chosen number and suit appear as blisters on the tips of your fingers.

The Great Domino Illusion

A white board with one dot is shown, flipping it over more appear and as you continue to flip more dots appear!

Dice Tunnel

This is a nicely made effect that is easy to perform and great for beginners.

Chaos by Mathieu Bich

A deck is shown in random order and then miraculously sorts into perfect new deck order.

The Switch by Shin Lim

The Swtich by Shin Lim is a powerful card trick where a signed selected card appears in an impossible location.

Imagination Box by Olivier Pont

Turn drawings into the physical objects with Imagintaion Box!

Solved by Adam Wilber

Solved is an instant cube restore that requires minimal sleight of hand and is great for close up performance.

Triage by Danny Weiser and Shin Lim

This is a high impact torn and restored effect that is a great visual trick.

Odyssey by Calen Morelli

A ring visibly jumps from finger to finger or hand to hand, an incredibly impressive trick.


A key that can be fully inspected is made to penetrate through a bank note, playing card or even the spectators sleeve!

Criss Angel Mindfreak Magic Set

The Criss Angel magic set contains a large range of effects that are great for those new to magic.

The Invisible Card by Blake Vogt

You hold a single card and the spectator then chooses a card at random, amazingly you have it in your hand.

Pro Switch Box by Magic Makers

This switch box can be used for a big range of appearing or swithing tricks.

The Joker Tube Pro Model

This trick is easy to perform and offers great visual impact.

Marvin's Magic Gift Tin Deluxe Box Set

This gift set includes Fifty Greatest Light Illusions, Fifty Greatest Magic Tricks and iMagic Tin.

AppeaRing by Bocopo and Silver Wing

AppeaRing allows you to appear a ring in an empty ring bo before your spectators eyes.

Rubik's Dream by Henry Harrius

A set including cube shell and accompanying tricks by FISM winner Henry Harrius.

Balance by Joshua Jay

This is a great impossible balance routine in which the gimmicked props do all the work.

Rubicon by Greg Wilson

An amazing cube magic routine that requires no cube solving ability!
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