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Flowtoys Toroflux


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Quick Overview

This is the genuine, original Flowtoys Toroflux, a fun and strange toy.
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The Toroflux is a highly addictive kinetic 'flow toy' that is like a 4th dimensional slinky.

Hand made from a single strand of metal the toroflux folds flat then pops up to a 3d shape.

You can run it down your arms and pass from one person to another, great just for fun or even in a dance routine.

Run it down a tube or along some cord for a really cool effect.

Please note this item is designed for lots of use put you should be careful not to pull it out of shape as this will prevent it working properly.

Additional Information

Skill Level Beginner
Color No
Size No
Shipping Weight 0.09
Dimensions No
Language No
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