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Juggle Dream Basic Wooden YoYo

These classic looking yoyos are the most basic we sell but good for those that want a classic toy at an affordable price or a beginner looping yoyo.

Duncan Butterfly YoYo

A real classic yoyo that many will recognise from the original yoyo company Duncan.

Yomega Sabre Wing Brain YoYo

This Brain yoyo from Yomega has a built in clutch meaning the yoyo returns to the players hand more easily.

Regular Price: £8.99

Special Price £4.99

Duncan Butterfly XT YoYo

An updated take on a classic yoyo, this is an easy to use yoyo suitable for beginners.

Duncan Wheels YoYo

The Wheels yoyo is a classic design from Duncan YoYos and is great as a first yoyo.

YoYo Factory Fast 201 YoYo

The Fast 201 is a good beginner yoyo that can be switched between responsive and unresponsive play.

Yomega X-Brain Yo-Yo

The X-Brain is aimed at first time yoyo-ers and is really simple to use.

YoYo Factory One YoYo

A good beginner yoyo that comes with an extra bearing for unresponsive play if you want to advance.

Henrys Lizard YoYo

The Lizard is good beginner yoyo. Nice and responsive it comes back to the hand easily.

Duncan Reflex YoYo

A good beginners yoyo that will automatically return to your hand so simple to use.

YoYo Factory Velocity YoYo

A great yoyo for beginners looking to get into more advanced play, can be switched between classic and modern play.

YoYo Factory Loop 1080 YoYo

The Loop 1080 is a 2A looping yoyo that all levels of player will appreciate.

Henrys Tiger Snake YoYo

The Tiger Snake is Henrys looping model built for fast 2A play.

Henrys Cobra YoYo

A classic yoyo that is nice and responsive so easy to use and the wide butterfly shape is well suited to landing string tricks.

YoYo Factory Hubstack YoYo

This is a responsive hubstack yoyo, easy to use and full of trick possibilities, a good choice for all skill levels.

YoYo Factory DV888 YoYo

The DV888 is a very popular responsive metal yoyo that gives good sleep times and stable play.
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