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Infinity Synergy YoYo


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Quick Overview

A quality unresponsive yoyo with bearing hubstacks for finger grinding tricks.

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The Synergy is an advanced yo-yo from Infinity designed for excellent 1A play.


The yo-yo is completely unresponsive meaning binding is required to return it and allowing extended sleeper times.


The anodized metal body makes it exceptionally strong and suitable for finger grinds.


The hub stacks on the outside allow for the yo-yo to be caught or held while doing tricks. The hubs are fitted with their own precision bearings unlike the voodoo meaning you get great spin times.


A wide gap in the middle means you can do multiple string lands without it biting.



Weight: 67g

Width: 40mm

Diameter: 53mm

Additional Information

Skill Level Intermediate, Advanced
Size No
Dimensions No
Language No
Country of Manufacture

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