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Hula Hoops

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6mm Pro Gaff Hoop Tape - 25m

A 25m roll of grippy, Pro Gaff hoop tape ideal for taping the inside of your hoops.

Hooping DVD

An excellent DVD for those new to hooping or looking to learn some tricks.

12mm Pro Gaff Metallic Hoop Tape - 23m

A roll of shiny, metallic hoop tape for customization of hoops or other props.

24mm Pro Gaff Hoop Tape - 23m

Pro Gaff is a quality brand of hoop tape that is grippy and also water resistant.

Play Perfect Isolation Hoop - 55cm

These isolation hoops from Play feel really nice and are great for practicing with.

Play 'Perfect' Naked Hula Hoop - 20mm

A foldable naked hoop ideal for intermediate to advanced hoopers.

Poly Pro Untaped Hula Hoop - 90cm

These naked poly pros are light, responsive and come untaped so you can decorate them yourself or leave them as they are.

Bendy Wick Fire Hoop Attachment

A very useful wick that can be added to almost any hoop to turn it into a fire hoop.

Poly Pro Hula Hoop - 90cm

These are the lightest and fastest hoops we sell and are great for advanced hooping.

Pro Grip Weighted Hula Hoop - 90cm

These weighted hoops are ideal for fitness hoops or for learning with, they come in pro grip tapes which make hooping easier.

Pro Grip Travel Hula Hoop - 90cm

Same hoop as our standard but collapsable.

Isolation Hoop

A polished aluminium hoop ideal for isolation moves.

Juggle Dream Aurora 80 LED Hula Hoop

A good value led hoop that packs in a lot of features for the price.

Gora 5 Piece Travel Fire Hula Hoop

This fire hoop breaks down into 5 pieces making it easy to transport and is great for performances.

Juggle Dream Luxor 160 LED Hula Hoop

A serious LED hoop that packs over 300 functions and comes with a remote control.
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