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Juggle Dream Neo Glass Fibre Handsticks

A cool looking set of devil/ flower stick control sticks that are really grippy and super strong.

4m Gymnastic Ribbon

These are competition spec gymnastics ribbons.

Rainbow Gymnastics Ribbon - 5m

A colourful, 5m long gymnastics ribbon in bright rainbow colours, easy to use and lots of fun!

Hooping DVD

An excellent DVD for those new to hooping or looking to learn some tricks.

Juggle Dream Trickster Devil Stick Set

A nice affordable devil stick that includes silicone coated handsticks.

Gora Levistick

These quality levi sticks (also known as floating wands) can be manipulated to make them look like they're floating. Easy to pick up and hard to put down!

Top Flight Iridescent Hoop Tape - 24mm - 20m

This very cool looking tape is ideal for customising your hoop or other props.

Gora Glow Levi Stick

These quality levi sticks from Gora are covered in luminous tape so they charge in the light and glow in the dark.

Juggle Dream Neo Flower Sticks

A nice set of flower sticks that offer great value for money.

Henrys Barracuda Devil Stick

These tough and lightweight devil stick has the advantage of being able to fold down for easy transporting.

Juggle Dream Picasso Flower Stick

A funky looking flower stick set that plays nicely and is suitable for all levels.

Echo Travel Hula Hoop - 90cm

A medium sized travel hoop from Echo hula hoops.
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