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Gora Fire Whip - 1.5m

A well built and very impressive fire prop from Gora.

Gora Fire Levi Stick

This nicely weighted levi stick has a wick either end so for night time play you can make it look like you're manipulating a flaming wand.

Gora Fire Umbrella

A real attention grabbing prop, this fire umbrella will add some heat to any performance.

Poly Pro Hula Hoop - 90cm

These are the lightest and fastest hoops we sell and are great for advanced hooping.

Isolation Hoop

A polished aluminium hoop ideal for isolation moves.

Pele Fire Hula Hoop Wick Attachment

These wicks can be easily attached to normal hoops to turn them into fire hoops.

Gora Fire Flower Stick

This is a quality fire flower stick that is grippy and plays nicely plus looks great when lit.

4m Gymnastic Ribbon

These are competition spec gymnastics ribbons.

Henrys Fire Devil Stick

A simple but effective fire devil stick, ideal for adding some flair to your play.

Juggle Dream Neo Glass Fibre Handsticks

A cool looking set of devil/ flower stick control sticks that are really grippy and super strong.

Gora Fire Hat

A crazy prop that gets attention, the fire hat adds some real drama to any routine.

Echo Travel Hula Hoop - 90cm

A medium sized travel hoop from Echo hula hoops.

12 Inch Fire Fingers - Set of 10

Set of 10, 12" long fire fingers.

Rainbow Gymnastics Ribbon - 5m

A colourful, 5m long gymnastics ribbon in bright rainbow colours, easy to use and lots of fun!

Juggle Dream Fire Eating Stick

A basic multiple use fire stick with 50mm wick.

Titanium Powder - 100g

Titanium powder can be added o fire props to give some extra sparkle to your performance.

Gora Chaos Stick

This 4 pronged devil stick is a real challenge but looks so cool when used well.

Juggle Dream Trickster Devil Stick Set

A nice affordable devil stick that includes silicone coated handsticks.
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