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Flowtoys Crystal Poi with Leashes

Quick Overview

These cases fit Flowtoys flowlights and are great for those looking for a slim rig setup.
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Flowtoys crystal poi were designed with users who prefer a light weight setup.

This set of cases provide soft shelled protection to yor flowlights while diffusing the light to make them brighter.

You can activate the flowlights without having to take them out of the cases which is handy.

They come with flow leashes attached and have swivel loop handles.

Crystal Poi can be customized with flowmass or double flowmass to add a bit more weight to them if you prefer, these are sold seperately.

Please note flowlights are not included, these can be purchased separately.

Weight: 65g per Case and Flowlight

Additional Information

Skill Level Intermediate
Color No
Size No
Shipping Weight 0.15
Dimensions No
Language No
Country of Manufacture

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