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Poi & Staff

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Fire Meteor Poi - 1.8m

This fire meteor is a tricky but versatile prop that can look amazing when mastered.

Fibre 3 Contact Fire Staff - 120cm

A very nice contact staff that is a real step up from standard spinning staffs.

Firetoys Plaited Snake Fire Poi

These large snake fire poi give off huge flames and look super impressive!

Fibre 3 Contact Fire Staff - 140cm

A quality contact fire staff made in the UK and built to last.

Fibre3 Contact Fire Staff - 150cm

The 150cm version of the quality Fibre3 range of staffs.

Fibre 3 Contact Fire Staff - 160cm

This is the longest of the Fibre 3 range and suitable for taller spinners.

KT Big Burner Fire Staff - 1.5m

A staff that will give off some huge flames!

Gora Practice Contact Staff

A very nicely weighted practice staff, ideal for indoor use.

Gora Contact Fire Staff

This is a really nice fire staff for those who want to do contact moves.

FibreFlies PixelWhip V4

This PixelWhip is a multi dimensional glow prop that can create awesome effects.

Flowtoys Capsule Poi

The capsule poi offer the same light units as the pod poi in a more streamlined rig.

Threeworld Contact Series Glow Staff

This led contact staff from Threeworlds features the Concentrate light units with lots of functions.

Fire S Staff

A pair of fire S Staffs that are mesmerizing when used well.

Gora Travel Contact Fire Staff

A travel version of the Gora fire staff that is much easier to carry around.

Gora Contact Fire Sword

The contact fire sword from Gora is a seriously impressive prop that is great for performance.

Flowtoys Lumina Twirl Baton

An amazing led baton that looks great in the dark and low light.

Threeworlds Fusion 3 Part Contact Fire Staff

This travel fire contact staff is ideal for those who want a more portable option.

Gora Dragon Staff Adapter Cuff

These adapter cuffs will turn any gora (or many other staffs) into a flaming dragon staff!
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