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Poi & Staff

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Fibre 3 Contact Fire Staff - 160cm

This is the longest of the Fibre 3 range and suitable for taller spinners.

Cathedral Fire Poi

These high quality cathedral poi give off large flames with a good burn time, a nice performer option.

8mm Stainless Steel Ball Chain

This strong and heat resistant ball chain is ideal for making quality fire poi.

Short Fire Staff - 100cm

A quality all round fire staff that is suitable for beginners and double staff.

Flowtoys Flowlight

A single flowlight for use with Flowtoys equipment.

Fire Meteor Poi - 1.8m

This fire meteor is a tricky but versatile prop that can look amazing when mastered.

Staff Carry Bag

A useful bag that fits a single staff and has a strap for carrying over your shoulder.

65mm Classic Chain Fire Poi

A great all round set of fire poi, suitable for all levels of user.

Flowtoys Crystal Poi with Leashes

These cases fit Flowtoys flowlights and are great for those looking for a slim rig setup.

Oddballs Tail Poi

A nice set of practice poi with detachable heads and tennis ball fill.

Pyro Pixies Spiral Poi

These fabric tail poi produce a really nice effect when spinning and come in a range of colours.

Juggle Dream Luminart Pixel Sticks

These poi from Juggle Dream are packed with awesome settings for some night time spinning and led art!

Fibre 3 Contact Fire Staff - 120cm

A very nice contact staff that is a real step up from standard spinning staffs.

50mm Kevlar Wick

50mm kevlar wick by the metre, ideal for replacing old wicks or making your own kit.

Super Smooth Ball Bearing Swivel

A strong and smooth swivel for poi that allows easy and prolonged spins.

Threeworld Fusion 3 Part Contact Glow Staff

This led contact staff from Threeworlds features the Concentrate light units with lots of functions and breaks down for easy travel.

Practice Staff - 1.2m

A nice, affordable practice staff suited for smaller users.

Stretchy Poi Socks

Sock poi are great for learning with and also a well used prop by experienced spinners.
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