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Stage Balls

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80mm Mr Babache Peach Stage Ball

A lovely textured peach stage ball from Mr Babache.

MMX+ Juggling Ball - 67mm

A beanbag/ stage ball hybrid the MMX+ are great for those looking for a step between thuds and stage balls.

Norwik Juggling Ball

Norwiks have established a reputation as a great ball for technical and numbers jugglers. The Russian style means they are very accurate with high throws.

Play Stage Ball - 90mm

Easier to juggle than the standard 100mm stage ball but big enough to contact juggling.

Play Sil-X Light Juggling Ball - 78mm

A lighter and softer cousin to the standard sil-x.

Bounce Juggling Ball

These bounce balls are made from solid rubber and a great option for those looking to learn a new style of juggling.

TFJ Magnum Juggling Ball

These balls from Three Finger Juggling can be used in some really innovative ways.

eoZoe 90mm Stage Ball

These 90mm stage balls are slightly softer than others and are ideal for making contact poi with.

Play Sil-X Hybrid Juggling Ball - 78mm

These hybrids use the Sil-X shell with a seed fill making them a bit heavier than regular Sil-X and great for rolls.

LED Glow Juggling Ball

A fun night time juggling prop, these LED balls look super cool and also juggling nicely.

Sil-X Stage Ball - 78mm

A popular ball for serious jugglers, these are suitable for technical juggling.

Sil-X Implosion Ball - 67mm

A very visual ball from Play Juggling, the Implosion is filled with bright UV reactive liquid silicone.

Sil-X Implosion Ball - 78mm

The mid-sized and most popular, 78mm Sil-X Implosion balls with clear shells and UV fill.

Play 70mm Bounce Juggling Ball

These are the closest you'll get to silicone bounce juggling balls but at a fraction of the cost.

Mr Babache Body Rolling Ball - 125mm

This large practice contact ball from Mr Babache is ideal for performing body rolls and moves.

Sil-X Implosion Ball - 100mm

This is the largest of the Implosion range of balls from Play, very visual balls.

Play 130mm Body Rolling Ball

This large body rolling ball from Play is ideal for body contact and rolling moves.

Oddballs Multifunction Rechargeable LED Juggling Ball

These balls have 11 different settings and are also usb rechargeable.
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