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Other Juggling

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Juggling Egg

These fun rubber eggs are perfectly safe to juggle but do bounce around when dropped!

3 x Large Juggle Dream Juggling Scarves

This set of three large scarves are great for learning to juggle with or as an alternative to balls for stage work.

Play Standard Juggling Ring

These juggling rings from Play come in a range of colours and are good for those looking to add a bit of variation to their juggling.

Play Saturn Juggling Ring

These large juggling rings are good for performance work as they're more visual than standard rings.

Bounce Juggling Ball

These bounce balls are made from solid rubber and a great option for those looking to learn a new style of juggling.

Play 70mm Bounce Juggling Ball

These are the closest you'll get to silicone bounce juggling balls but at a fraction of the cost.

Henrys Natural Wood Cigar Box

A plain, cigar box from Henrys in natural wood finish.

Mr Babache UV Cigar Box

Brightly decorated cigar box from Mr Babache.

Juggle Dream Tumbler Manipulation Hat

These weighted bowler hats from Juggle Dream are a fun prop to add to your repertoire.

Juggle Dream Top Hat - All Black

These top hats are designed for manipulation, juggling and tricks.

Gora Fire Hat

A crazy prop that gets attention, the fire hat adds some real drama to any routine.
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