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Fire & Glow Juggling

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Mr Babache Fire Ball Replacement Wick

A single replacement wick for Mr Babache fire balls.

LED Glow Juggling Ball

A fun night time juggling prop, these LED balls look super cool and also juggling nicely.

Mr Babache Kevlar Fireproof Gloves

A pair of kevlar gloves for use with the Mr Babache fireballs.

Mr Babache Fire Juggling Ball

A full on fire juggling ball from Mr Babache.

Juggle Dream Pulsar Juggling Torch

This is a nice affordable fire torch that has a slim design and is well weighted.

JD 95mm LED Contact Juggling Ball - Multi Function

This 95mm ball has built in multi function led unit making it fun for night time play.

Juggle Dream Coloured Fire Torch

A good value fire torch that juggles nicely and looks impressive.

Oddballs Multifunction Rechargeable LED Juggling Ball

These balls have 11 different settings and are also usb rechargeable.

Kosmos Three Pin Charger and UK Adaptor

This charger can be used with any Kosmos props and this three pin version means yo can charge three props at once.

Play Mephisto Juggling Torch - 70mm Wick

A new style of fire torch from Play Juggling, a very durable club with large 70mm wick.

LED One Piece Juggling Club

These led clubs work well without breaking the bank.

Henrys NiteFlite Fire Torches

A popular fire torch worldwide, renowned for it's durability and consistency to juggle.

Gora Fire Juggling Sword

These fire swords from Gora produce massive and impressive flames!

Fyrefli Fire Juggling Balls - 2 Sizes

These fire balls are the only ones available that you can juggle without the need for gloves, fun and impressive!

Three Finger Juggling Phoenix Fire Axe

If juggling axes isn't dangerous enough for you, these can be set on fire.

Kosmos Supernova JS2 LED Juggling Club

These led clubs are top of the range programmable led clubs aimed at those looking for performance level props.
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