This year's BJC was really conveniently located for us Scotlanders here at Cascade. A short 1 hour drive and we were in Perth home to the 2016 convention.


A few motor related incidents dealt with and a drive through the stereotypical Scottish drizzle and we arrived Wednesday evening with all our gear ready to set up our first traders stall at the convention.


First impressions of the hall were great, the space was really nice and after setting up we had a quick juggle and ran into a lot of familiar faces. At that point I had to head back to Edinburgh to man the shop the next day but left the stall in safe hands.


As the stereotypical rain continued I decided to give Friday night a miss and headed back over on Saturday. Driving in the multicoloured tents set up in the park were visible from a way off bringing a smile to my face. Running the stall was good fun and really not like work at all. After a morning of that it was time to set up the tent and it was squeezed into what seemed to be the last space left and an increasingly muddy campsite.


Saturday night saw one of the Cascade team along with a crew from Circus Alba perform in the Gala Show with their poi routine. All the acts were great but that was our favourite for sure! All of the acts were from the UK and it really helped to prove we have some incredibly talented circus performers right here.


Saturday night grew late and after slipping and sliding back to the tent around 3am, considered early, it was up again in the morning to open the stall. There seemed to be a bit more lethargy and a bit less juggling Sunday morning for some reason.....


Some more juggling and another trading session in the afternoon and it was time to pack down and get back on the road to Edinburgh. 


It was great to meet lots of new people there and catch up wth others. This year was quite a small convention but it was nice and relaxed and we definitely enjoyed ourselves. We hope to see some of you in the shop soon!