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Park Toys

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Mini Whistling Rocket

A fun, small whistling rocket for throwing around in the park.

2 Panel Hacky Sack

A 2 panel hacky sack, great for some fun times in the park.

6 Panel Hacky Sack

A 6 panel hacky sack, ideal for all sorts of tricks.

8 Panel Hacky Sack

With 8 panels this has a good balance between being good for catches and kicks.

14 Panel Hacky Sack

A fun 14 panel hacky sack.

32 Panel Hacky Sack

A 32 panel hacky sack that is the roundest and best for kicks from our range.

14 Panel Glow in the Dark Hacky Sack

A 14 panel footbag that glows for some night time hacky sack fun.

Aerobie Dogobie

A soft, dog friendly frisbee.

Dirty Discs 175g Frisbee

A quality 175g frisbee that has a stable flight and will go further than cheaper models.

Gibbon Slackline Treewear

These useful velcro straps are easy to fit on a tree and help protect both the tree and slackline.

Aerobie 10" Sprint Ring

The world's best flying ring from Aerobie in the smaller 10" size.

Aerobie Superdisc

A quality frisbee that is suitable for everyone.

Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang

A quality boomerang from Aerobie, a triangular design that really will return.

Aerobie Pro Ring

The Aerobie Pro is the world record setting flying ring that is easy to throw and goes serious distances.

Discraft Sky Style 160g Freestyle Frisbee

Slightly lighter than the Ultrastar this is a great freestyle frisbee suitable for all users.

Discraft Ultrastar Frisbee - 175g

The disc that is most commonly used for ultimate frisbee, these are quality frisbees that fly really well.

Nerf Vortex Mega Howler

A fun throwing toy for days in the park or at the beach.

Discraft Glow Ultrastar Frisbee - 175g

This is a glow in the dark version of the 175g Ultrastar frisbee from Discraft.
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