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Miscellaneous Fun

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Juggle Dream Flexi Plate Spinning Stick

These spare spinning plate sticks are strong, lightweight and flexible.

Juggling Egg

These fun rubber eggs are perfectly safe to juggle but do bounce around when dropped!

Flexi Spinning Plate with Stick

A soft and flexible spinning plate complete with stick.

2 Panel Hacky Sack

A 2 panel hacky sack, great for some fun times in the park.

6 Panel Hacky Sack

A 6 panel hacky sack, ideal for all sorts of tricks.

8 Panel Hacky Sack

With 8 panels this has a good balance between being good for catches and kicks.

14 Panel Hacky Sack

A fun 14 panel hacky sack.

32 Panel Hacky Sack

A 32 panel hacky sack that is the roundest and best for kicks from our range.

14 Panel Glow in the Dark Hacky Sack

A 14 panel footbag that glows for some night time hacky sack fun.

Astro-Jax V-Max

Astro-Jax are a fun little toy that are suitable for anyone.

Jitter Ring

This is an unsual skill toy where the aim is to keep the smaller rings spinning round the larger ring.

Apollo Throwing Knives - Set of 3

A set of three throwing knives designed for short range use.

Henrys Natural Wood Cigar Box

A plain, cigar box from Henrys in natural wood finish.

Mr Babache UV Cigar Box

Brightly decorated cigar box from Mr Babache.

Will Rogers Roping Kit

This kit includes everything you need to set you on the way to mastering trick roping.
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